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Transcendentalists > Others in the Circle > T. W. Higginson > Poem in Honor of T. W. Higginson
Poem in Honor

For His Eighty-third Birthday
William Braithwaite

BENEATH the bare-boughed Cambridge elms to-day
Time takes no flight in his unwintered heart;
Where fourscore years and three came to depart,
The vision shines that cannot burn away.
In perils of change his voice is still our stay,
Who kept the true direction from the start.
He knew no deed born from his thoughts apart --
And held his pen Truth's summons to obey.

O reverend head, take this our crown of praise,
On this, thy Birthday, hallowed by our love;
A soldier's honor and a poet's bays;
In public heed thy virtues held to prove --
Though long, we wish thee longer, length of days,
To lead us up the heights where we would move.

from House of falling leaves with other poems

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Jone Johnson
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