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Transcendentalists > Random Quote

A Quote

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Add a random quote to your site:

Add this HTML text to your web page (conditions below) to generate a random quote that looks like the quote between the two lines above.

The font of the quote will match the font on your page; the link to this site is included in the random quote that will appear.

Conditions of use, to ensure that this feature may continue to be available without charge:

  • May only be placed on, at most, three pages of any one web site.
  • May only be placed on web pages which are available and visible to the public.
  • May only be placed on  personal pages, educational sites, not-for-profit organizations or religious organization home pages.
  • May not be placed on web pages that contain pornography or which advocate violent or illegal activity.
  • May not imply that this (the Transcendentalists site) sponsors the site in any way or has awarded a prize or recognition to the page.
  • May not be included in unsolicited emails.
  • Please include a link to this site (The Transcendentalists, http://www.transcendentalists.com) somewhere on your site where it's appropriate, in addition to the automatic link that's generated as part of the quote.
  • You must notify this webmaster of the name of the site, URL of the page(s) on which the code is placed, and your valid email address.  Please use this form to send the information:

Site name:
Page URL - enter up to three:
Your name (optional but recommended)
Your valid email address


Information submitted on this form is used only for the purpose of contacting users of the random quote code.

I reserve the right to block access to the random quote script by any site, page, domain, IP address or set of IP addresses which violate by intent or accident the spirit or letter of the above conditions.

Thanks for understanding the need for these conditions!


Jone Johnson
All rights

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